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motorola mbp36 picPurchasing a baby monitor can be overwhelming because of the large number of products on the market. It can also be especially complicated for new parents since it’s not obvious what to look for in terms of features and the pitfalls that need to be avoided.  This website is designed not only to provide you with information on the top selling video baby monitors on the market, but it will also discuss the key features that are important when shopping around for the best model. We’ll also discuss what consumers had to say about the performance for each model and learn how they rated them, while also learning more about the current pricing.

Pricing is one of the biggest differences between the monitor sets on the market. While more affordable options are abundant, it’s still important to do your research and compare high-end and low-cost devices in order to find the best set. You’ll want to find a baby monitor that has the ability to receive a clear signal through walls and over distance, as well as the ability to avoid interference from wireless devices in your neighborhood. You should look at a digital monitor that advertises a range of two-thousand feet.

Sound will be the feature you rely the most on. A newborn baby will usually cry in order to alert parents to their needs. It’s recommended that you emphasize sound monitoring capabilities when you make your purchase decision. Video will not play an essential role when it comes to alerting you to the cry of your infant; however it will allow you to view them as they sleep without having to get out of bed and peek into their room, which increases your risk of waking them. Video monitors are also useful if you have multiple children and you want to keep an eye on more than one area at a time.

Baby monitors will usually consist of two units, one device that’s kept in the baby’s room and one for wherever the parents are, allowing them to see and listen to the baby.

Audio monitors are the most familiar type of monitor. There will be a transmitter kept in the baby’s room which will broadcast the sound to the receiver, allowing parents to hear their baby.

In addition to a transmitter, an audio baby monitor set with sensor pad features a mat that you place underneath the baby and plug into the unit in their room. If the infant doesn’t move for a certain amount of time an alarm will sound.

Video baby monitors come with a small camera which is placed in the baby’s room and will allow the parent to view their baby as well as hear them. Many of these sets also have night vision, allowing you to clearly view your child even when the lights are out.

Other impressive features that typically come with video baby monitors include room temperature gauges, night lights, talk to baby features, out of range warning signals and the ability to play lullabies.

Digital monitors will provide clearer sound than analogue models and will also feature less interference from local wireless devices.

Digitally enhanced cordless models are designed to make it less likely that you will experience interference or have your baby monitor picked up on wireless devices in your neighborhood.

Title Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor withColor LCD Screen Summer Infant 28640 – Baby Touch WiFi Video Monitor & Internet Viewing System Snuza Trio Plus Baby Monitor System – Movement Tracking, Room Temperature Display, 2-Way Audio, and Live Video Feed – Includes Snuza Video and Snuza Hero Units
Brand Motorola Solutions Summer Infant Snuza
Color White
Feature 2.4 ghz fhss wireless technology
3.5″ color lcd screen and up to 25 fps
Infrared night vision and room temperature monitor
Five polyphonic lullabies, remote camera adjustment, additional camera capability and five LED alerts for noise level
Up to 200 meter range with “out-of-range” warning
The item comes with one year warranty
2.4 ghz fhss wireless technology
3.5 inch color lcd screen and up to 25 fps
Infrared night vision and room temperature monitor
Five polyphonic lullabies, remote camera adjustment, additional camera capability and five LED alerts for noise level
Up to 200 meter range with out-of-range warning
The item comes with one year warranty
Advanced technology: In home monitoring on handheld unit; View on smartphones, tablets and laptops in home or away via free summer link Wi-Fi app for Apple and Android; Secure login to bank level secure encrypted video; Expandable system
Image Quality: 2.5
Remote control: Pan, scan, zoom camera allows parents to keep a mobile baby in view; Two way communication; Monitor room temperature, with option for Fahrenheit or Celsius reading; Share viewing access with friends and family
Wi-Fi camera: automatically connects to home wireless network for secure in home and remote viewing; Internet status lights indicate connectivity states
App features: snapshot pictures stored on mobile device; Record a Video stored on mobile device; Privacy mode control or restrict access for out of home viewing; Split screen view 1-2 rooms on same screen when cameras added to system
Gentle Vibration After 15 Seconds of Inactivity
Loud Alarm After 20 Seconds of Inactivity
Motorized Pan/Tilt, Voice-Activated Camera
Monitor Unit w/2-Way Audio & 3.5″ Display
Please note: Snuzas are not medical devices
ListPrice $249.99 $. $349.99
Manufacturer Motorola Summer Infant Snuza
ManufacturerMaximumAge 60 months 72 months
Warranty Consumer Products One (1) year from the date of the products original purchase by the first consumer purchaser of the product.
Price $219.99 $273.99 $289.99
Height 8.5 inch 9.65 inch
Weight 2 pound 1.7 pound
Width 10.4 inch 4.53 inch
Length 4.9 inch 9.84 inch
Rating 3.6 out of 5 stars 3.0 out of 5 stars 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor Review

motorola mbp36 picThis Motorola MBP36 remote wireless video baby monitor review takes a look at the features this model has to offer, how it was rated by consumers and the price it’s currently going for. The monitor for this device will display a crystal clear image, six lullaby songs and the unique ability to tilt, pan and zoom around the baby’s room. Also included are LED lights which will indicate the sound level in the infant’s room.  The talk to baby feature allows the parent to soothe and speak with their infant without even entering the room and the sound quality is excellent and static free.

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Summer Infant Touch Screen Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Review

summer infant photoThis review on the digital touch screen baby monitor by Summer Infant takes a closer look at how well this model functions, how consumers rated it and how much this model is currently going for. This model is easy to tote around and the touch display screen features a simple user interface which is easy to set up and use. The talk to baby feature, one which most consumers loved, will allow the parents to speak with their child without entering the room. The size of the display screen measures in at 3.5 inches and is the perfect viewing size, offering a clear picture, even at night.

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Snuza Trio Plus Video Baby Monitor System Review

snuza trio picThis three piece baby monitoring set by Snuza comes with a transmitter, receiver and the hero monitor, which is attached to the infant in order to monitor their movement. The hero monitor component will vibrate against the baby’s skin, promoting movement and breathing and the device itself will alert the parents if the infant fails to move after a set amount of time. This digital set also includes night vision, which will allow you to easily view your sleeping child, even at night.

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